Self storage tips

Tips on how to pack your storage unit to make the most out of your storage space

  • Remember to use a separator when packing crockery, such as plates (paper and bubble-wrap work the best).
  • Always Use newspapers for cups, glasses or any breakable containers in order to help protect them during transportation.
  • Bubble-wrap any and all highly polished furniture to protect from scratching and dents in both transit and storage.
  • Books should also be packed in smaller boxes due their weight (easy to carry).
  • Leave fridges and freezers slightly open once inside storage unit – this allows them to air out and prevents foul odours.
  • Put a plastic liner in boxes with textiles in them (this helps with dust).
  • Ensure that all fabrics are clean and dust free prior to packing or the dust will be sealed throughout the duration they are stored for.
  • Where possible, use environmentally friendly insect repellents on all fabrics (cedar wood chips). This will ensure the longevity of your stored fabrics.
  • Allow enough space between boxes for good ventilation and ease of access later.
  • Regularly inspect stored goods for insect activity and or rodents (we don’t have a problem – but better be safe than sorry).
  • Before storing your goods please inspect your storage unit and report any deficiencies to our Operations Manager who will gladly assist to fix & keep you happy.
  • Let your paintings or framed pictures stand on double layers of bubble-wrap or something similar in order to protect your frames from direct contact with the hard concrete floor.
  • To be well organized and save your frustrations, please mark your boxes with numbers on two adjacent sides and compile a detailed list of each box content. Ideally you will store this info on your PC or device of your choosing.
Self Storage Units in Johannesburg
Self Storage Units in Johannesburg
Self Storage Units in Johannesburg